15 junho, 2013

Hello just a quick message apologising for not posting in a very long time. I am online and you can find me through my new illustrator name LAPO, I will be shortly adding new work on my new website www.madebylapo.com or through cargocollective. See you soon :)

06 março, 2012

Tartelettes Tee

A beautiful stranger wearing a t-shirt from my illustration series 'In Paris...'

09 janeiro, 2012

@ Rio de Janeiro

Quick sketch while on holiday listening to Everything is Wrong.
Dear mum and dad if you just happened to have found my blog, please look away NOW.

05 novembro, 2011

Welcome to Pingpongland

It has been a while since my last post and it feels good to be back on my secret blog writing like a
crazy person to myself! This time about one of my favourite things, a game originated as a sport in Britain during the 1880s, where it was played among the upper-class as an after-dinner parlour game, also according
to Bill Porter commonly known as "wiff-waff". If you happen to be in Lisbon on the 11.11.2011 between 7pm and 2am do come by our studio in LX Factory to say "olá", to listen to some music and repeatedly beat us at ping-pong.

p.s: We are in the main building, 3rd floor, behind a top secret door in the end of the hallway inside a space that used to be the changing rooms / bathhouse (Balneários) of the factory back in 1846 when the factory was still a thread and fabric factory. So now the name of the space remains as Balneário.

26 outubro, 2011

ADC Young Guns Award 2011

Ping pong break at the studio with Oliver Durant to celebrate ADC Young Guns 9!

15 julho, 2011

Chan Chan Chanchanchaaaaaannn! And even better than posting just a photo from the exhibition, here are some photos with two videos of The Cheaper Show exhibition in Vancouver ! A fun night full of energy and very lovely people!

01 julho, 2011

24 junho, 2011

Happy Food

Tomorrow takes place The Cheaper Show exhibition in Vancouver!I will be
posting some photos soon after. Meanwhile here is a bit of animation,happy onions, happy
sweet corn and some happy cheese.

18 maio, 2011

A bit of hairy drawing from my new website.

16 maio, 2011

200 artists. 400 pieces. 200 dollars per piece. One night only.

I just had some wonderful news! My work has been recently chosen to
take part in this year's The Cheaper Show exhibition in Vancouver on
June the 25th! Soon I shall be using my amazing packaging skills technique
to post some work to the show!

21 dezembro, 2010

Pet Love

Possibly 4 out of 10 people smell of pastry during Christmas time.
2 out of the 4 will choose to opt for cheese & onion flavour pastry.
And 1 out of the 2 will sit beside you wherever you go.

01 dezembro, 2010

Duck Watches Dog

A five minutes outdoor observational drawing.Then ran back inside.

05 novembro, 2010

Cat Wish

And still wishing...

29 outubro, 2010


J'aime les french fries, les flashy voiture, ma maman et le Creaturenation twitter

13 setembro, 2010

10 setembro, 2010

SOMA Exhibition in Sao Paulo

Soma + Brazilian Customs

Today in Sao Paulo takes place the second collective annual exhibition
for Soma magazine! The exhibition is on until the 9th of October in Vila
Madalena. Minor detail, my work is actually stuck with the Brazilian customs
right now! That may be due to my amazing packaging skills, excessive use
of cardboard sandwich layering and suspicious brown tape combination.
According to a secret source though it could still show up in the exhibition
space miraculously tonight

p.s special thanks to Natalia Lucki for helping with the exhibition and all
the madness running around frame work!

14 julho, 2010


There comes a point in time where if one does not hunt, build shelters
or fish for living, one must try other kinds of regular physical exercise.

24 maio, 2010

AKA Baron of Thundergay

03 maio, 2010

Observation. Must avoid bad posture.

Must evenly distribute weight on the feet, align ears above shoulders,
above hips while letting arms hang down naturally on the side of the body.

14 março, 2010

Fax Ex-Machina exhibition

In this exhibition all art work is received and sent using the fax machine!
Yes the fax machine. If you live in London or you are there at the moment,have
a peek, pop by KK Outlet gallery, it is there until the 26th of March.
You will find the work of many talented illustrators, including
Brazilian illustrator Elisa Sassi's cute little rabbits.
All the work is for sale and will be donated to non profit group
Viva Rio helping Haiti

13 fevereiro, 2010


I've been spending the past few days thinking about sitting
down and writing a little paragraph for each illustration on
my secret blog as I've been meaning to write on it for
a while now and I haven't done it for many reasons,
mostly questionable excuses. Anyway here it is.

04 fevereiro, 2010

Conversations I've Never Had

Nobrow Independent publishers has started an illustration project
inspired by Nick White's new Nobrow book People I've Never Met &
Conversations I've Never Had. Brilliant subject.And this was my response
for conversations I've never had
. At first I was quite unsure which
to approach, whether I should take this opportunity to finally make an image
illustrating the subject of small talk, something I am quite uncomfortable
with even though I tend to do it quite often with the butcher around the corner,
maybe as a way to finally settle in the new neighbourhood or hoping to get
a discount on a bit of steak.But nah, in the end I opted for country living.

03 janeiro, 2010


A bit of background on this piece: This is a private
commission birthday gift for someone who owns a dog.

19 novembro, 2009


I posted this piece on flick-r recently and someone kindly
summarized it in four words; good girls gone bad. I had just
finished working on an animation project for Magma bookstores
and publishers Pocko London when composer and sound designer
Shervin Shaeri asked me if I could draw him an illustration (not necessarily
related to the project). So what followed was full glorious evenings
combining a variety of sugary sweets with remarkably cheap
but very tasty Portuguese wine. Ha! and a lot of drawing.

29 setembro, 2009

Americano do Recife

While drawing this many things crossed my mind including the
possibilities of one day returning back to my tropical native
country after having lived abroad many years and no longer be
recognized by two family generations of neighbors in my road,
buying anything around the corner market and being answered back
by anything but my native language
and swapping my pair of winter
shoes for something a little bit more appropriate and realizing
I no longer feel comfort
able in a pair of Havaianas.
And of course the list goes on.

26 setembro, 2009

Now and again I tend to risk and have a go at trimming
my own fringe with a pair of sketchy scissors and like any
true bit of DIY it does have a tendency to end atrociously wrong.

25 setembro, 2009

Imaginary Friends

From top left to bottom right:

Rascal, Sid, Cosme & Damião

20 setembro, 2009

Horse Rider

Multi sport bikes, seated calf machines, treadmills,
weight benches and bars,
steppers, chest press
and cross trainer machines, rowers, the butt blaster,
the butt and thigh shaper, the angled leg press and leverage
squat calf.
When opting for the right exercise program remember
It’s not so much about the machine as the relationship
between the body and the machine.
Choose a machine that feels right.

12 setembro, 2009

Dark Forest

I don't actually know what this is all about. Maybe I will come back to it if I
figure it out.

08 setembro, 2009


It is possible that around the world twice a day, everyday at a certain hour of
the day, a large number of odd people get together and take the underground
back home.Call it fate, I always bump into these people.

07 setembro, 2009

Dog Love

Ensure sufficient protein in his daily diet, choose shampoo
with pathenol ingredients, brush regularly, but do not bath regularly,
kiss to stimulate blood and oxygen flow.

Midnight Specimens

The bugs are plenty, more than 800 insects species representing 39 families
of insects have been identified inside.

06 setembro, 2009


And another victim of the coconut bob.

29 agosto, 2009

Pig Rider

Possible reference, an animal Rider in Tajikistan.

30 maio, 2009


Not another knitted Ferrari.

07 abril, 2009

04 abril, 2009


Overall the operation was a real sucess.